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Top 4 Construction Site Dangers

According to OSHA, there are four main categories of construction safety hazards. These four categories are commonly known as Falls, Struck-By, Caught-In/Caught Between and Electrocution

It is recommended that you keep your safety training up to date and have your job site inspected by a reputable company that offers risk management services in order to reduce the likelihood that any of your workers will fall victim to one of these hazards. A trained construction safety specialist will be able to quickly identify potential areas of danger and suggest the appropriate safety measures.

Common Construction Site Injury Causes

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous if workers aren’t following proper safety protocol. But if proper precautions are taken, yify codec pack download construction sites can be just as safe as any other working environment.

The following are some common causes of construction site injuries that are Grammarly Premium Crack 2018 completely preventable with a bit of safety know-how:

Construction Site Injury Prevention

Fairly simple steps can be taken to greatly improve construction site safety. It’s largely just a matter of identifying trouble spots and taking proactive precautions. OSHA suggests the following prevention methods:

Preventing Falls serial number adobe flash cs6

  • Use personal fall arrest equipment
  • Ensure proper perimeter protection is installed and maintained
  • Cover and label floor openings adobe illustrator cs6 crack
  • Follow all recommended safety standards when using ladders and scaffolds

Preventing Struck-By Injuries

  • Avoid positioning yourself between moving and fixed objects
  • Always wear high-visibility clothing near equipment and vehicles

Preventing Caught-In/Between

  • Never enter an unprotected trench more than five feet in depth without adequate protection
  • Ensure all trenches are protected by sloping, shoring, benching or shield systems

Preventing Electrocutions

  • Locate and label all utilities before beginning any work
  • Locate and maintain a safe distance from power lines
  • Do not operate portable power tools unless they are double insulated and grounded
  • Use ground fault circuit interrupters

Reduce Injuries and Subsequent Claims

While it’s always good to remain alert and on the lookout for potential construction site safety risks, it’s best to have your work site assessed by a safety specialist. Risk Management Partners has the expertise and experience to quickly identify potentially dangerous workplace issues and help you implement solutions, saving you time and money by reducing the number of claims you have to process. Contact RMP today to start your construction site safety assessment.

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