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Is your business is just getting started and you need to ensure that your company is following the most current safety standards from the start? Or have you been in business for years and want to update your workplace safety procedures? Whatever your workplace safety needs, Risk Management Partners has a safety consultant with the solution.

Is Your Workplace OSHA Compliant?

In order to stay relevant in a competitive industry, businesses must always observe and practice the most up to date on OSHA’s standards for a safe working environment. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in severe fines, penalties and expenses from injuries and other claims.

Staying current on all of the relevant safety regulations may seem like a simple task, but OSHA’s safety requirements are constantly evolving. Unless you have a safety consultant on your staff, it’s likely no one in your company has the time or the resources to keep up with changes to safety standards and re-train your employees when changes occur.

The team at Risk Management Partners has over 35 years of Risk Management and Safety Consultation experience. We excel at supplying the technical and regulatory expertise your company needs to implement up to date occupational safety compliance practices.

An RMP safety consultant will identify your safety compliance needs by:

  • Evaluating your worksite for unsafe behaviors and safety hazards
  • Performing safety audits and industrial hygiene checks
  • Assisting with site safety inspections and OSHA compliance
  • Compiling safety training manuals and conducting workplace safety training sessions

Our safety consultants work with businesses of various sizes, across multiple sectors. Your consultant will tailor their work towards the needs of your sector whether you are a corporate client in need of someone to monitor workplace ethics and compliance or a construction company who needs to meet industry demands.

Many business owners are wary of bringing in a safety consultant because of the added expense, but a skilled safety consultant can actually make money for a business.

Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant

  • Reduces overhead costs by significantly cutting down on safety violations and injuries.
  • Services provided may be tax deductible.
  • Employees can be trained on site
  • OSHA intervention available. A representative who has experience dealing with the agency can negotiate on your behalf, in the event that you are fined for a safety violation.
  • Pre-OSHA inspection service, including recommendations for correcting potential problems at your site before OSHA points them out.
  • Your business is always up to date on safety regulations, with no time taken away from your core business.

Risk Management Partners – Your Safety Consultant Specialist

When you choose RMP for your safety consultation needs, you can rest assured that we have the best interests of your business in mind at all times. Because of our teams’ unique blend of experience, we can offer a full range of safety consulting services to encompass any issue that might arise. Several distinct features of RMP’s Atlanta offices are:

  • Former Risk Managers with diverse backgrounds
  • Full-time Workers Compensation claims advocates
  • Full-time loss control specialists
  • Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers
  • 24 Hour emergency service staff

If you need safety consultation for your new business, want to verify that your established business is current on all required safety regulations or just want to learn more about our safety consultant services, contact us today.

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