Safety Portal

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all your Safety, Environmental, DOT and Claims information available online? RMP does all of this for you.

With RMP you will be able to access all pertinent documentation online at any time. No need to wait for an assistant to track down your training documents, OSHA Logs, safety manuals. They’re all at your fingertips.

    Through RMP’s website you can:

    • Trend Accident Data by 32 different categories, when and where accidents occur.
    • View audit information to gauge improvements and determine future training needs.
    • Enter Accident Data and generate OSHA logs by site or location.
    • Upload warnings or citations issued to sub-contractors or employees.
    • See previous audits from anywhere in the world.
    • Track employee training data. You can enter an employee’s name and see which courses he/she has completed.
    • Remind your team through e-mail alerts of training refresher dates.
    • Rest easy knowing your website is secure, password-protected, and accessible only by those you choose.
    • Impress your clients and competition by having a state-of-the-art safety website that no one else has.
    • Store records permanently for future needs.

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