Risk Assessment Program


The purpose of Loss Control is to reduce your workers compensation insurance premiums by helping you create the safest work environment possible. RMP’S Loss Control services combine Jobsite Risk Assessment, Hazard Identification, and Training Program Development, to drive down your insurance, loss, and regulatory interference costs.

As part of our comprehensive loss control services, Risk Management Partners provides companies with a wide range of safety and risk management services that include:

Program Elements:

  • Assess your site for potential hazards
  • Increase OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance
  • Develop site-specific safety programs
  • Deliver employee policies & procedures manuals
  • Implement comprehensive training programs for continued safety Offer computer-based training
  • Create medical, drug-testing, and background check programs Build incentive and accountability

You Gain by:

  • Reducing workers’ comp claim costs
  • Slashing insurance costs
  • Protecting yourself from regulators
  • Minimizing exposure to fines & penalties
  • Having customized training programs
  • Receiving internet-based training
  • Ensuring consistent training worldwide
  • Increasing profits and reducing injuries

Customized Assessments and Risk Management Services

RMP understands that every business is different and every industry has its own unique set of needs. That’s why we work closely with all of our clients to craft an efficient, practical, and feasible loss control strategy to meet their specific risk profile.

During our Jobsite Risk Assessment we thoroughly analyze each business’s equipment, environment, and employees to help identify the root causes of accidents, equipment failures and other losses. We then use our findings to develop preventative strategies. We also partner with the business to implement a step-by-step risk management service plan customized to meet their specific work conditions and capabilities.

Ongoing Safety Training

As part of our Loss Control services, RMP focuses on assisting companies with minimizing the severity and expense of loss events by helping them implement safety training programs. By educating managers and employees in advance on how to safely and effectively manage a loss should one occur, businesses can save thousands of dollars in compensation, fees and repairs.

VPP Certification

OSHA’s VPP recognizes businesses in the private and federal sectors that have consistently adhered to safety and health management systems that have been proven to be effective in

maintaining injury and illness rates below the national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries. This is achieved when management, employees and OSHA cooperate to proactively prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities by utilizing a system based on hazard prevention and control, jobsite risk assessment, training and manager and employee commitment.

Companies that achieve VPP Star status experience higher rates of employee satisfaction resulting in lower absenteeism numbers and fewer onsite injuries. They recognized by their industry peers as a business that upholds excellence, making them a preferred company to do business with. VPP Star certified companies also benefit from lower workers compensation premiums and insurance rates.

RMP partners with companies and facilities to help them achieve VPP status through our Loss Control services. Many of our clients consider us an extension of their safety department and have expressed great appreciation for our expertise. As your risk management partner, we are committed to your continued success. Our Loss Control services are designed exclusively to ensure that your facilities and worksites are as safe as possible; keeping your insurance costs low and employee morale high.




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