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RMP places and manages safety personnel throughout the world. We have access to an unparallel network of safety professionals with a variety of skill sets. From Onsite Trainers to Certified Industrial Hygienists we screen potential candidates and find the best one for your needs.

Finding is only half the job. Managing is the tough part and RMP does this for you as well. We don’t just find you staff and leave – RMP follows through for you. Anu Script Manager


How does RMP Staffing Services save YOU money?
We do the job search
– YOU gain valuable time for key tasks

We train your new Professional
– YOU manage existing projects

We manage their performance
– YOU focus on the Big Picture

We pay employee costs
– YOU save money

RMP targets professionals for your specific needs, conducts interviews and background checks, and hires the right person for the job.

RMP insures your new Safety Professional is properly trained to meet all federal regulations. Also, we’ll certify them to conduct training of your team and subcontractors.

RMP maintains contact with your new hire to verify success on your site. We pay workers’ comp, Unemployment, and admin costs, as well as provide a Professional Temp for sick days and vacations of your new Safety Professional.


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