Human Resource Management


Risk Management Partners, LLC. keeps you operating and reduces your costs. RMP’s professional staff handles all the necessary paperwork to ensure you’re in compliance with all regulations. We constantly review and assess your work practices so that you are maximizing your profit while minimizing your exposure.

All your programs, manuals, and filings will be at your fingertips at your secure RMP website. You can log on from anywhere at anytime to see progress and get necessary documents.


How this BUILDS your Business:

  • Reducing claims costs
  • Protecting yourself from regulators
  • Minimizing exposure to fines & penalties
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Gain employee goodwill

Program Elements: 

  • Develop corporate programs on Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Attendance, Dress Code,
    Hiring Practices
  • Deliver employee policies & procedures manuals
  • Manage ADA and FMLA programs
  • File your ERISA and EEOC reports
  • Provide benefits administration
  • Create medical, drug-testing, and background check programs
  • Build incentive and accountability programs



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