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Is Your Workplace as Safe as You Think?

You’ve had the same strict safety standards in place for years and your loyal employees know them backward and forward. You don’t need a safety consultant to tell you what you already know. But then the unthinkable happens; an employee is injured in a workplace accident and no one can explain exactly what went wrong

It may be difficult to believe, but it’s the employees that think they’re behaving in the safest ways that are at the highest risk for causing workplace accidents. Certainly, accidents that result from blatant negligence happen, but more often than not, accidents in the workplace are a result of overconfidence.

Never Take Workplace Safety for Granted

In order to be as safe as possible in the workplace, you have to constantly be aware and on guard. Unfortunately, it can be easy to slip into a routine on the job; especially when the tasks involved are repetitive, as is often the case in industries like manufacturing and construction.

So how do you prevent a risky false sense of security from falling over your workplace and potentially creating a hazardous work environment? The following steps are a good starting point.

Create a Risk Assessment Calendar

Set up a recurring time to evaluate your workplace safety policies and procedures. How often you do this, whether it’s once a month or once per quarter, is up to you and the needs of your business. The important thing is that you stick to the schedule.

During your regular workplace safety evaluations, be sure to include thorough inspections of all safety equipment. Be sure to include fire alarms and other hazardous material detectors, along with all hazardous material cleanup stations.

Make sure all official inspection tags are up to date, replace any expired cleaning substances and ensure all bladed instruments are sharp and free of broken edges.

Update and Create Policies

After each scheduled workplace safety risk assessment, reevaluate your current safety policies and procedures. Update as needed and create new policies to address recurring issues. Any changes to the workplace safety policies and procedures need to be communicated to all employees as soon as possible.

Plan For Emergencies

It is crucial that you have emergency plans in place for all possible emergency incidents. Keep emergency contact numbers for the appropriate agencies clearly visible and make updating them part of your scheduled safety assessment.

Making Safety a Priority

By this point you may be wondering exactly how you’re supposed to run all of the assessments and make all of these updates while still keeping up with the day to day of running the rest of your business. The key to peace of mind without the expense of your valuable time does exist, and it exists in the form of your Atlanta safety consultants.

An experienced safety consultant will take over all of your safety assessments and updates so you can focus on your core business. For more information on what safety consultation can do for your business, contact Risk Management Partners today.

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