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How a Jobsite Risk Assessment Can Save Your Business

Identifying job site risks can help your business avoid incurring thousands, or even millions of dollars in fines, compensation and lost time due to employee injury or illness.

A jobsite risk assessment is the first step toward identifying risk factors and developing a customized injury and illness prevention platform update for windows vista (kb971644) download program. This will help you avoid OSHA fines and penalties due to risks coming to light during an inspection, or after an accident has already occurred.

Get on the Right Track with an Assessment and a Safety Program

Protect your business and your personnel with a jobsite risk assessment and preventativeIdealshare Videogo Serial Key safety program. These programs help employers stop accidents before they happen, while remaining in the good graces of the Department of Labor. download plotagraph for pc

While saving money on fees and compensation is certainly good, identifying risk factors and taking steps to eliminate them has other benefits. When everyone Inpage 2009 Free Download With Crack employed at your company knows that you’re creating a workplace culture where safety and consciousness and OSHA best practices are the norm, you’ll get reduced turnover, happier and more alert employees, fewer costs and an even higher level of productivity. avast secureline vpn license key 2017

For any employer who is not considering a safety program, these driveragent product key free positive reasons alone should be an incentive to move forward on forward-thinking safety measures.

What Does Implementing a Program Take?

Deciding to implement a safety program focusing on jobsite risk assessment may seem like an overwhelming process. You’re overhauling an older set of norms that employees and managers have become comfortable with. That takes dedication and a sustained Cara registrasi avast free Jadi pro 2050 methodology – usually with safety experts either on payroll or in a consultative position.

While the investment is real, the value of bringing a jobsite risk assessment and remediation program avast pc optimization tool key into a company will overtake any expense. It’s a combination of insurance against exposure, and reducing eventual but inevitable loss in the aftermath of an accident.

  • Consider that each day 12 people are killed while working at their jobs. activation code for corel x7
  • That equals 4500 people each year.
  • corel draw x7 activation code
  • Each year over 4.1 million workers will sustain a serious, job-related illness or injury that forces them to miss work and get medical care.

How a Jobsite Risk Assessment Drops Your Statistics

Individual companies can help do their part to help these negative statistics drop, even radically, by implementing a survey of outstanding safety issues that notes where they are located, and how to fix them and improve employee performance regarding safety.

If the manager doesn’t follow the rules about safety, not many others will. That’s why this takes buy-in at every level from the top down.

Costs of Failing to Implement the Assessment

The direct costs of on the job injury are absolutely enormous.

According to multiple sources, the numbers within the last eight years for payouts of disabling accidents are between 53 and 58 billion dollars. Back in 2009, the National Academy of Social Insurance reported that worker compensation was up from the year 2000…from 60 billion to 74 billion dollars. And these numbers don’t even take into account the indirect costs of time away from work.

But companies can avoid this chilling numbers by taking steps today to create a new culture of safety, and conduct a survey of where their safety issues are. For more information on how a jobsite risk assessment can save your business money, or to schedule an assessment, please contact RMP or call 770-232-1977.

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